Hi, I'm George!

me, looking dashing

I am a software engineer with a background in computer graphics and image/video processing, accustomed to working in large teams as well as designing and developing apps on my own.

I am constantly seeking to apply and expand my technical expertise, and I believe my greatest strength lies in my ability to quickly familiarize myself with new concepts and technologies, leading to fast prototyping. Getting to stable, efficient, and maintainable code is where my experience comes into play.

Outside the office, I spend most of my time doing sports, reading, and building apps from the ground up.

Check out some of the stuff I've been doing in my free time:


Apply artistic style transfer with arbitrary styles to any portion of your Windows desktop.
Dashboard showing Active Program and Today's workout.


Create and share workout programs, log your workout sessions and monitor your progress.
Dashboard showing Active Program and Today's workout.
Screen showing logging of a set during a workout.
Calendar view showing past workouts.
Graph depicting one-rep max progression
View showing personal bests for each exercise.


View your favourite tracks and artists on Spotify as charts, or in the form of a guessing game.


Countries on the globe get texturized according to the number one ranked song in their Spotify country charts.